Series Sliders Not Showing in Entertainment Express

jasons (Client Services Manager) 3 years ago in Bug • updated 3 years ago 1

Series Sliders are not being returned by the API even though enabled in the App Key


spotify apk

LindaPratt 4 months ago in Bug 0

spotify apk variation of the app. Untrammelled Downloads The most highlighting property of Spotify premium is the ability to get untrammeled downloads of your lover songs. Which is not lendable in the regulation version of Spotify, no weigh how big your list is, 100 songs or plane 10k; with Spotify reward, you're tiled with the Infinite downloads, so you can go on a download fling. Ad-Free Live Ads mightiness be pesky for more and power sometimes also get in the way of an superior user participate which Spotify does somebody. So, to get rid of adverts be it banner ads or skippable videos ads, the payment edition makes certain you bonk a completely ad-free receive. Because the app assumes here in this modded payment variant that you're using the reward taxon and testament forthwith remove all ads. Concentrate Offline / Centre Anywhere As you 



Dts search stuck or no results?

Michael-Rainabba Richardson 3 years ago in Bug • updated by jasons (Client Services Manager) 3 years ago 2

when I hit the "find video with dts" option, i get "FINDING VIDEO WITH DTS AUDIO" and nothing more. Using Chrome on Android.