Message Bus (ActiveMQ / Kafka)

jasons (Client Services Manager) 9 months ago in New Product • updated by ErvinGarner 3 months ago 1

Roku -Have a message bus  (ActiveMQ / Kafka) which we can listen on via websocket etc so if there are changes on videos at your end we are automatically notified.


Video GIF maker

jasons (Client Services Manager) 1 year ago in New Product • updated by LouisGomez 2 months ago 1

Allow users to make GIFs from the video.  Parameters would include an IVA Video ID, Start, End.

This could also be used to create a GIF that could be used as a thumbnail by setting to the GIF maker to random and giving it a desired time length.

Customers with marketing teams that are doing email blasts could embed these easily into their email campaigns.