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Allow Customers to pick their own stills for non-proprietary video assets

jasons (Client Services Manager) 3 years ago in Improvement • updated by omwansadouglasntabo34 1 year ago 3

We have had a few requests from clients to have the ability to pick their own stills for IVA video assets. These video asset screen captured would be proprietary to them and would not replace the IVA still but be an alternate asset that they could access through the OData API and should be able to be used with the custom stills service. Customers should be able to upload their own custom image as well that they could link to the asset as proprietary as well.


VIDEO API: Return List of Videos

Add ability to Video API to return a list of videos. For example: a request for movies coming soon that would return the videos for those movies and allow some filtering.

Play Listing

Customer Request: Jet.me


Series Sliders Not Showing in Entertainment Express

jasons (Client Services Manager) 3 years ago in Bug • updated 3 years ago 1

Series Sliders are not being returned by the API even though enabled in the App Key


Export Analytics Reports to Excel

Inside of Media Manger, have an option to export reports to excel


Server Side Ad Stitching

Bob Kolo 3 years ago in Improvement 0

Enable video advertising in front of content done on the server to avoid ad blockers.


Add a way to see season and series information from episode

jasons (Client Services Manager) 4 years ago in Improvement • updated 4 years ago 2

Inside OData API 2.0, add a way to see the series and season program information when looking at an episode video asset.


Video Asset 12345 - an episode or alternate of some show -> some show: season 5 -> some show


A relationship was added inside of the OData 2.0 API to the EntertainmentPrograms Entity called ParentEntertainmentProgram that allows you to do just this.


Analytics - View Reports by Date Range

jasons (Client Services Manager) 3 years ago in Improvement • updated by Michael M 3 weeks ago 1

Please add the ability to view a report by a specific date range (vs. the current presets of 7 days, etc) inside of Media Manager


spotify apk

LindaPratt 7 months ago in Bug 0

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Get Back All Related Programs from Entertainment Express for TV

Have a way in Entertainment Express to either get back related program ID's or just get all assets in overall sequence order.

Example: Search for "The Big Bang Theory" or use a 3rd party ID for the Series and get back all assets based on AppID for the series.


Franchise ID

Create a Franchise ID that can link all media around a subject or work.

Example: Batman - could include all movies, TV, and Games related to that franchise.

Other example: Harry Potter - Would include all the Harry Potter movies and the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie as well as any video games spawned from the movies.